Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Depression Stages

Created around the time "E=MC2" was created. A time where I felt like giving up on included.

I was so close to buying my own ticket to New York and just starting from there. Dad didn't believe in me. School sucked, so I didn't go for a week. Almost dropped out AGAIN. Mom didn't want music made in her house, So I made music ironically in school. Yes......Almost half of "E=MC2" was made in school. Relationship problems was too overbearing. EVERYTHING was going downhill for me.

So, I created this project. Honestly, I forgot all about it. It was made on my desktop & since i rarely use my desktop (Cause of my laptop) I had no clue I made this lol. I guess I wanted to forget about all the things that was happening to me around that time.

So since im in a good space in my life, I am stable enough to present this too ya'll. Alot of dark times but great music came out of it.

My favorite track "Nothing I Can Say" for several reasons.

I dedicate this project to my brother/friend Melvin Burch.



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