Wednesday, May 26, 2010

''The Business''

So this music business that everyone and their ''mama'' wants to be a part of, is offically coming to an end. At least hiphop is anyway. I did the most craziest thing EVER today, I listened to the radio & I was so shocked of what people is really requesting to hear EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! It makes me wonder why am I even considering doing this music thing in this first place. Its because music is my life!!!!! I live this music shit man, and people really don't understand that phrase anymore. Im a person who can honestly say i can live with just "COMPUTER, INTERNET CONNECTION, FL STUDIO 9, SAMPLES AND SOME DRUM KITS" a roof over my head and some food Im good. Im even satisfied with not making A CENT off of any of my beats.....As long as somebody actually LISTENS!!! That's all im asking for, But since i do want to make in this "Business", Then i will have 2 start charging for my beats.....My rates are listed at the bottom, HIT ME UP!!!! I go beats for days if ya'll didn't know lol. As far as "Music Is The Only Love : The Last Beat Tape" Goes....It's completed!!!! Of course, it was done with my right hand man (NO HOMO) Jerrell Lofton.....That dude amazes me everytime!!!! Anyway, The beat tape will be for sale @ the price of $4.99!!!!!!! We in the process of tryna get it posted on various websites now so the date is TBA!!! Until then go bump my other CLASSIC beat tapes lol!!!!!

Storm W Bush!!!!

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  1. Well then you already know you've got $4.99 from me.

    And I'm looking forward to visiting this blog every 2 seconds.