Friday, June 4, 2010

"Tam's Playlist : The Convo" Beat Tape

Sooo this beat tape is very important 2 me.....First off, it is dedicated to someone very special to me, "MY BABY". She know who she is soo please don't ask questions lol. Anyway, the whole concept behind this particular beat tape is me having a one on one convo with tam and expressing my feelings to her. Yeah, to my Charles Hamilton fans its very similar to "Well Isn't this Awkward". But on my beat tape, The whole convo is being told through samples....I know dope right lol??? Every song is a different topic of the convo but the samples are telling Tam what i would have said in this "One on One". It also ends with a track that tells what i would say if things wouldn't work between us! I plan to have the perfect 10 beats for it since my baby is the perfect 10 lol! Ya'll can look for this project NEXT WEEK!!!

One more thing........I NEED SOME ARTWORK!!!!!! SIMILAR TO THIS PICTURE!!! HIT ME UP!!!!!!!!!

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