Thursday, May 5, 2011

Status Updates

The concept behind this project is the day to day issues an individual haves when in an relationship, while having a facebook profile. The guy "Signs In", see's his significant other throwing random hints at being involved with someones else but doesn't panic right away. He then leaves the house, signs on "Facebook Mobile" and thinks of ways to confront his lover. While on his way back home, He goes back in forth to his profile and his lover's, giving her "Random Profile Views." One of his boys suggests he sends her a relationship request but she denies it, leaving his "Relationship Request Ignored". His lover then goes "From Single To In A Relationship" but this time not with him.......But with the other guy. He "Logs Out" but still feels love so he is convinced that he "Can't Give Up".

So enjoy this 6 track EP and keep this concept in mind.



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