Friday, August 13, 2010

"The Dark Ages: The Overcoming"

First off, Let me thank everyone on the support for the FIRST Dark Ages.....Ya'll made it my most successful project I released so far. Thank you

So this is the sequel to "The Dark Ages"......Its also my LAST beat tape for a minute,

Will I still make beat tapes in the future? OF COURSE!!!

Im just taking time out to perfect my sound and produce for other artists. I think I made MORE than enough material to hold you over until I return to the beat tapes lol.

This project is more exciting and new than the first one (Mostly the sample choices). I forgot to add "Letter To My Supporters" to the folder but Download it and just add it to the folder lol.


"The Dark Ages: The Overcoming"

"Letter To My Supporters"

Thanks for the continued support!!!

~ S.Watkins

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