Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Searching For Success.......

Sooo im currently looking for a label to sign with thats gonna actually respect my type of production. The only label that comes to mind is "JAMLA" (9th Wonder's label). I feel like that label's production team is very similar to my production and I would be honored to work with all of them (Including the Artists). Now, this is the 2nd time someone from the label has reached out to me. The first time was from the man himself. This time was more of a surprise if you will lol, Shoutout to Vince. Today, I had a convo with someone very close to me and they said "With if they don't sign you?", I will continue to release beat tapes but with a plan. Like every beat tape will be promoted as an album. I already have friends with blogs so getting the material out there wouldn't be a issue. So yeah, the "Grind" will continue forever for me. I don't see me doing anything else but producing.

All I can do is wait.........

~S. Watkins

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