Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Lost" The Beat Tape

This beat tape called "Lost" im going to release this week is VERY personal. I know as a producer ya'll are probably thinking "Why does he release so much personal music".....Well to me, through my production is the only way to express myself to the max.

So "Lost", was made during a time when I felt like I had no purpose on this earth. I was going through alot of things, I literally gave up on school (Even though Im back now lol), & I really didn't think in a million years I could make it in this music business.

Some of these beats have been heard before....Either I sent them to you or I posted them on "other beat tapes" lol. These instrumentals means ALOT to me sooo I ask now, If there are used PLEASE use them correctly!!!!

Now, I will be making beats starting tomorrow to add on "Lost" so I don't have a exact date just yet but........

It will be released THIS week for sure.....Until then.....

~S. Watkins

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